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100+ Data Science Teams Rely on Veraset Data, Including:


Our datasets are used and trusted by Fortune 10’s, major telecoms, big tech and more.


Unlike other data providers that rely on one or two core data sources, Veraset is diversified.


The largest commercially available granular population movement dataset.

Our Products

Veraset Movement

The pseudonymous population movement dataset of choice for projects requiring precise mobility big data

Veraset Visits

Discover which pseudonymous device visited which point of interest at which time with our Visits dataset

Data As A Service

Our expertise and focus is solely on gathering, curating and delivering the highest quality data. These datasets enrich our customer’s data analytics and provide valuable insights about population movement that fuels better business decisions and innovation.


With data sourced from thousands of sources to provide the largest and most diverse datasets available, get a representative sample of most country populations.


Our data is pseudonymous and never tied to traditional Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We are compliant with CCPA and other data privacy laws, and we are committed to setting industry best practices for consumer protection.

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