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The world is changing.

Data no longer looks the same as it did in 2019. Even as we all seek a “return to normal”, we prioritize our days differently. We interact with each other differently.

We spend our time in different places, doing different things. Geolocation, population movement and other data present a huge opportunity to understand how the world has evolved, and how it will continue to evolve over time.

Robust, unique data for a new era.

Population movement data is an aggregation of many sources — GPS, IP addresses, etc — that together provide insight into how people move in and interact with their world.

Armed with this data — properly anonymized and pseudonymized to protect individual privacy — businesses, governments and others can make smarter decisions that benefit everyone.

Businesses can better meet their customers where they are

Cities can better plan for housing, transportation and more

Insurance providers can better evaluate risk

Investors can better predict how financial assets will perform

Your vision. Our data.
A perfect match.

Our team has the expertise to put together unique, compliant datasets with the flexibility to suit your needs.

We give you more than just the data; we also give you robust metadata, which means you gain insight into the quality and attributes of each data point we deliver.

Billions of cleaned and curated data points
Location data from 150+ countries
Trusted by 100+ data science teams at leading organizations

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