Veraset Products

Veraset Movement

With hundreds of billions of anonymized GPS signals collected, cleansed, and validated daily, Veraset Movement is the trusted dataset of choice for innovators building models and products powered by location data.

Veraset Visits

Our proprietary machine learning model merges raw GPS signal with precise polygon places to understand which anonymous device visited which POI at which time.


Data as a service

Our expertise and focus is solely on gathering, curating and delivering the highest quality data. These datasets enrich our customer’s data analytics and provide valuable insights about population movement that fuels better business decisions and innovation.


Representing 10%+ of the US population and up to 5% of the global population, our data is sourced from thousands of apps and SDKs, providing the largest and most diverse datasets available.


Our data is anonymized and never tied to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We are compliant with CCPA and other data privacy laws, and we work with industry groups like NAI and MMA to set industry best practices.