About Veraset

Veraset was founded in 2015 and rebranded in 2019. We are a leader in the location data space, providing raw and pre-processed population movement datasets. Veraset datasets are the foundation of data-driven decisions, products and services by fueling innovation and empowering leaders in startups, enterprises and the public sector to understand and predict population movement.

We strive to create a great product and experience for customers in a variety of industries, including advertising, financial services, retail, telcom, real estate, consulting, urban planning, GIS, and more.

Our Mission

We are a data-as-a-service company fueling a deep understanding of populations for innovators and problem solvers.

Data As Power

If you are a data scientist, product leader, or visionary answering questions about how and where human populations move in the physical world, you know that the power of machine learning and analytics is limited to the quality and quantity of your data. 

Signal In The Noise

Data is only helpful if it reflects what really happened, so we take data quality seriously, and filter billions of rows of data every day so that we can deliver the good stuff to you.

Just A Data Company

We take data and service seriously… but not ourselves! We are proud to be the raw ingredient in our customers’ amazing products. Unlike many other location data companies, we don’t compete with our customers.

Our Privacy Policy

Privacy and transparency is of utmost importance to us and we’ve built into every part of our business. As responsible stewards of sensitive data, we have an obligation to our customers to meet the highest standards of data protection and privacy. Our data is pseudonymous, never tied to PII, and compliant with data privacy law and industry best practices, including disclosure and the power to opt out at any time.

Joining the Team

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding talent.