Veraset Products

Veraset fuels innovation by providing high-quality movement data to problem solvers and data scientists in startups, enterprises and public service. We offer two datasets for our customers: 

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Veraset Movement

Veraset Movement is your precise anonymized location data pipeline. With hundreds of billions of anonymized GPS signals collected, cleansed, and validated daily, Veraset Movement is the trusted dataset of choice for innovators building models and products powered by raw location data.

Movement Datasets

Our core population human movement dataset delivers the most granular and frequent GPS signals available in a third-party dataset. Unlike other data providers who rely on one SDK, we source from thousands of apps and SDKs to avoid a biased sample.

Enhance Your Data

Build and enhance your location data product or service with billions of daily precise location data observations, including anonymized device id, lat/long readings, timestamp, horizontal accuracy, and more.

Global Coverage

Our Movement dataset covers the U.S. and 150 other countries, providing you with the largest commercially available granular population movement dataset.

Veraset Movement At Work

City Planning & Mobility

Select optimal scooter and electrical charging sites based on traffic and footfall patterns or analyze trips and traffic to plan new roads.

Public Health, Research & Social Impact

Measure social distancing effectiveness or predict virus spread. Study access to voting or healthcare, hurricane disaster recovery, impact of protests on professional sporting attendance, COVID-19 economic impacts, and effectiveness of COVID-19 policy.

Real Estate & Market Research

Choose the next location of a chain coffee shop or office building, or understand which neighborhoods generate grocery store visits and visits to the stores of your competitors.

Financial Services

Build proprietary footfall traffic predictive models that see trends long before they show up in quarterly filings.


Personalized audience and segment creation based on location context, or compare impressions with visitation for deterministic ad measurement.


Bring satellite imagery to life by overlaying population movement.