Veraset Products

Veraset fuels innovation by providing high-quality movement data to problem solvers and data scientists in startups, enterprises and public service. We offer two sets of solutions for our customers: Veraset Movement and Veraset Visits.

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Veraset Visits

Our proprietary machine learning model merges raw GPS signal with precise polygon places to understand which pseudonymous device visited which POI at which time.

Reliable Results

The result is reliable, accurate, device-level visits, refreshed and delivered daily. In other words, “X pseudonymous device id visited Y Starbucks at Z date and time.

Data Made Easy

We do the heavy pre-processing so you don’t have to. We cleanse the raw GPS data and use our proprietary machine learning model to cluster the GPS observations into predicted visits. Then, we match these clusters with high-quality POI polygons.

Device Coverage

Visits features coverage of ~6% of the USA population, or approximately 20M pseudonymous devices visiting 6M places each day.

Veraset Visits At Work


Build location contextual audiences and segments. Measurement and attribution based on deterministic brand visits.

Market Research

Understand trends around brand visits – both yours and your competitors. Gain a deep understanding of the customer journey.


Analyze visitation trends to brick and mortar stores.

Financial Services

Correlate footfall traffic with ticker performance.

Economic Planning

Analyze and predict economic recovery after COVID-19 related retail shutdown.