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Human movement research
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“Our core products rely on Veraset data. We’ve received daily data for several years without a single issue.”

VP Data Engineering, Geospatial Analytics Company

Drive growth and innovation with comprehensive mobility data

Datasets licensed annually. Quarterly and monthly payment options available.

The highest volume and quality available
Aggregator plus direct app and SDK data
Enriched records and metadata fields
Cleansing and deduplication
Advanced anomaly detection
Ping credibility quality scoring
Best for projects targeting deep insights
A high-quality pre-processed feed
Aggregator plus direct app and SDK data
Standard record and metadata fields
Cleansing and deduplication
Advanced anomaly detection
Best for projects requiring the highest data quality and consistency

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Frequently asked questions

Here's what most potential clients ask about us. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Does Veraset have an API?

No, currently we do not provide an API. Just raw data files delivered daily.

How does Veraset source its data?

Veraset sources data from direct relationships with third-party applications and software development kits (SDKs) as well as data aggregators. It is then cleansed for data sinks and other anomalies and deduplicated by event date.

How does Veraset ensure the privacy of its data?

Privacy is a top priority at Veraset. The company employs a range of measures to protect the privacy of the individuals represented in its data. This includes anonymizing and aggregating data to ensure that no personally identifiable information (PII) is included. Veraset also complies with all relevant data protection laws and regulations, and it has robust security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to its data.

Can Veraset reveal the sources of its data?

While Veraset obtains data from a variety of sources, it does not typically disclose the specific sources of its data. This is to protect the privacy and confidentiality of its data providers. However, Veraset is committed to transparency and ensures that all its data is sourced in accordance with applicable laws and ethical guidelines.

How does Veraset price its data?

Veraset's pricing model is based on the specific data needs of its clients. Factors that can influence the price include the geography of the data, the volume of data, and the complexity of the request. For detailed pricing information, potential clients are encouraged to contact Veraset directly.

What can Veraset data be used for?

Veraset data can be used for a wide range of purposes across various industries. This includes market research, strategic planning, risk management, and more. Businesses can use Veraset data to gain insights into consumer behavior, demographic trends, and market dynamics. It can also be used by researchers and policymakers for social and economic analysis. However, it's important to note that the use of Veraset data must always comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to privacy and data protection.

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