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We are continuously inspired by the creative and non-obvious ways our customers use our pseudonymous Movement and Visits datasets to understand, predict, and solve important problems in our communities and across the world.

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High Reach, High Frequency Signals, and GPS-quality data. Raw Location Data or Device-Level Branded POI Visits Data for Location-Contextual Personalized Advertising, Measurement, and Market Research Insights


  • Create or enrich your differentiated location-contextual segments and audiences
  • Understand offline behavior with raw location data or visitation to branded POIs

Attribution And Measurement

  • Compare visitation for deterministic offline measurement
  • Accurately measure the impact of advertising campaigns and see how ads influence real-world behavior
  • Measure across mobile, connected TV, OOH, and offline POIs

Market Research

  • Understand which local neighborhoods generate retail visits to your stores and the stores of competitors
  • Generate unique consumer insights based on mobility and footfall
  • Tie pseudonymous and aggregate demographics data to population movement data for trend analysis

Real Estate And Retail

Make and manage real estate investments informed by footfall traffic

Site Selection

  • Choose the next site for your next big thing
  • Analyze and predict footfall and vehicle traffic around your current and prospective locations

Visit Competition And Complements

  • Compare your site visitation to competitors
  • Understand neighborhood and retail traffic sources and destinations before and after a visit to your site
  • Understand how visits to other neighborhoods and POIs complement visitation to your site

Socio-Economic Trends

  • Join mobility data with aggregate demographics to understand who is visiting and how that changes over time

Financial Services And Economists

Location data is alternative data that helps you see trends long before they show up on the P&L by building proprietary prediction models based on footfall traffic

  • Hedge Funds, PE funds, and M&A advisory use our close-to-real-time raw and processed alternative data feeds to build models correlating POI visitation to investment performance
  • Insurers enrich their fraud detection, risk management, location verification, and other predictive models
  • Economists develop macro and local analysis and models based on POI visitation, travel, and population movement trends

Social Impact

Tackle some of society’s most challenging and important problems in public health, disaster preparedness, and fundamental research.

  • Public Health: Monitor social distancing compliance, model the spread of infectious disease, predict COVID-19 related impact on the economy.
  • Academic researchers have used Veraset data to study COVID-19 impact, access to voting, hospital wait times, and the impact of protests on professional sporting attendance
  • Disaster Preparedness: understand impacts of hurricanes and wildfires and better prepare for risk and response

City Planning, Mobility, And Transportation

Leverage the power of IoT, build smart cities, and optimize transportation with granular pedestrian and vehicle mobility data. 

  • Urban planners make smart development decisions by validating where to build things based on foot traffic and population trends
  • Optimize public transportation stops and routes and reduce congestion
  • Model/Modal of Transportation and Traffic: accurately predict travel times and traffic patterns, understand drivers/commuters goals and hot sources/destinations

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Bring your GIS analysis to life with our population movement data layer.

  • Enhance satellite imagery with people movement data plotting
  • Increase the accuracy of your geocoding models
  • Analyze and map with Esri, OmniSci, Tectonix, Carto, and other geospatial data tools
  • Optimize wireless network performance