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Veraset Docs

Privacy-protecting location data, delivered daily.

Delivery Methods & Compatibility

Veraset employs Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store, receive, and deliver data.

  • Our standard method of delivery is via S3 Snappy Parquet.
  • Veraset egresses the data into an AWS bucket hosted by the licensee. The guidance sheet and bucket policy template is provided. 
  • Upon delivery, Veraset writes a _success file to indicate a complete delivery, which can be leveraged for ETL Processes.

Please note that historical data prior to 2023 must be pulled/synced by the licensee utilizing an IAM/ARN role. 

While our standard method of delivery is through Amazon Web Services (AWS) using S3 Snappy Parquet, we can accommodate CSV deliveries and GZip compression.


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