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EU Data Overview

Veraset provides data coverage and support for the following European Union (EU) countries:

Privacy Safeguards and Changes

We believe protecting privacy is paramount, which is why we’ve implemented new safeguards that adhere to the strictest standards of data privacy, including:

  1. Conducting a comprehensive consent audit on all previously collected personal data.
  2. Establishing a rigorous, formal vetting program for our data suppliers that includes Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) to ensure they have complied with jurisdictional laws, obtained necessary consumer consents, and mitigated potential privacy risks.
  3. Revising licensee contracts to reflect GDPR-mandated restrictions in the use and retention of EU location data.
  4. Updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to reflect new practices around the collection, use, and sharing of EU data.
  5. Streamlining our opt-out deletion mechanism for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When did you start collecting EU data? 

Veraset began collecting EU data as of January 1, 2024.

Do you have historical data for EU countries?

Yes, however we suggest utilizing 2024 forward. Our inherited historical data has several missing dates across various regions. We have as far back as 2021, but the dataset may not be complete. If you’re interested in the historical data, we can provide you with the specific dates where data is unavailable.

How can we evaluate and onboard EU data into our current feed? 

We can provide a 30-day sample of any or all of the EU geographies listed above. Based on your evaluation feedback and decision to integrate with your current feed, we will require an updated MDLA to be signed before making any changes. 

Is your EU data sourced from aggregators, applications, or SDK? 

Currently, our EU data comes from aggregators with a small contribution from direct applications. We’re currently focused on migrating to direct application and the EU will now be included in that effort.


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